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Leslie-Ann Brissett Legal Services is an established Law Firm in Antigua and Barbuda. It is registered under the Business Names Act, Cap. 63 of the Laws of Antigua and Barbuda and is regulated by the Antigua and Barbuda Bar Association.

Leslie-Ann Brissett Legal Services is a law office with recognized corporate, commercial, legal and dispute practices. The firm provides its clients with professional services that combine responsiveness, innovation, and technical excellence, emphasizing practically and commercial awareness.



We, at Leslie-Ann Brissett Legal Services, strive to be a preeminent law office, by consistently delivering highly skilled, ethical and aggressive legal representation to our clients. Our entire organization endeavors to exceed the expectations of our clients in all aspects of service, by:


  • responding promptly to our client's needs;


  • managing our client's matters in an efficient, caring and proactive manner;


  • communicating regularly and clearly with our clients; and


  • working tirelessly to achieve the end result desired by our clients.





Our mission is a reflection of what we consider our raison d’etre and is based on four core principles which are: Integrity, Diligence, Responsiveness, and Care. We firmly believe that success is only possible if we live by our core values and exhibit these in our interaction with our clients, our people and the community at large.





  • Provide clients with sound legal advice that takes into consideration all of their various legal and business needs.


  • Promote and stoutly defend the Rule of Law.


  • Promote the cause of justice.


  • Offer professional services without discrimination, to both private individuals, communities, corporate organizations and government bodies in accordance with the finest ethics of the Bar Association.


  • Encourage and promote legal knowledge and education in the practice of the law.


  • Assist in protecting, promoting, and uplifting the integrity of the legal profession.


  • Impart the aforementioned ideals upon succeeding generations of the young legal professionals.





Leslie-Ann Brissett Legal Services, specializes in assisting new companies to establish their existence in Antigua and Barbuda, beginning with the formation of the Company, the drafting of all future contracts for clients interest, immigration issues, legal consultation with respect to the Companies Human Resource Structure, structuring of the business contracts, foreign and domestic investments, joint ventures and other contracts relating to the business, as well as an extensive list of Civil and Corporate Law services.



Leslie-Ann Brissett Legal Services collective insight into the business environment and Antigua and Barbuda’s socio-political context is the result of the diversity of our team; diversity in terms of skills, qualifications, interest and backgrounds and also through a combination of experienced professionals and legal assistance. The commitment to integrity and hard work enables Leslie-Ann Brissett and her team to frequently exceed client’s expectations.


Leslie-Ann Brissett LLB, LEC, C. Dir, Notary Public

Licensed Citizenship by Investment Agent

Leslie-Ann Brissett


Ms. Leslie-Ann Brissett established the law firm on 23rd of September 2014, with the intention of offering legal services to members of the society who are injured or treated unfairly. This dynamic, persuasive, successful and highly effective Attorney has created a thriving synergistic practice.


Ms. Brissett has been in practice for over 13 years, having studied law at the Norman Manley Law School, and earning a Bachelor of Laws at the University of the West Indies with an Upper Second Class Honours designation. Ms. Brissett holds a Practising Certificate from the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and was first called to the Bar in 2006. 


Currently, Ms. Brissett serves as Secretary to the Board of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission. She is also a member of the Bar Council which is the Executive of the Antigua and Barbuda Bar Association. Ms. Brissett is the Antigua and Barbuda Partner of Adam Global which is an international network of business professionals, spanning 5 continents, 64 cities, 114 countries, connecting 1800 professional businesses worldwide.


"Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do."


Potter Stewart -

Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court​

"To improve justice administration in the Eastern Caribbean and to undertake any action which contributes to the protection and preservation of fundamental conditions for a well ordered society ."


Ciboney House | No. 7 | H.A. Blaize Street | St. George's




"We recognize that today's global businesses need advisors who can make it easy to do business across geographical borders and complex jurisdictions."


2A, Ground Floor | Building No. 6 | Gold & Diamond Park | P.O. Box 183827 | Dubai | United Arab Emirates



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