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Offering services which fulfill client needs and exceed expectations.


It is necessary that banks and other financial institutions have experienced, service-oriented and proficient legal counsel to succeed in the Caribbean and international markets. Clients require this specialized skill set in order to overcome this challenging and complex industry to safeguard interests on the front and back end of all transactions.

We have worked in an advisory capacity to the Financial Services Regulatory Commission and have developed in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the offshore sector.  



LB Legal Services understands the insurance industry and use this knowledge to provide coverage, financial, transactional and regulatory advice to insurance companies and those who transact with them. 


We represent insurance companies in the evaluation and defence of coverage issues under numerous types of policies.  We are often appointed by insurers to represent their insured through subrogation in claims stemming from various types of insurance disputes. 



The practice of commercial and corporate law requires experience across an array of industries, businesses and governmental organizations suitable to the needs of each individual client.  Our Team draws on this extensive exposure and experience in all dimensions of commercial and corporate representations to supply vital business perspectives as well as efficient, pragmatic legal solutions.  We focus on the business objectives of our clients notwithstanding the ever changing business environment.  On an international scale, we stay abreast of evolving laws, regulatory issues and trends.


The firm counsels clients in the full range of sophisticated financial transactions, daily business activities and regulatory matters.



LB Legal Services understands the impact that labour and employment issues can have in completing a transaction or on a client’s existing business.  The complexity of today’s labour and employment climate demands that clients build a relationship with one legal team that is able to guide them through this environment and enable clients to make informed decisions that can provide efficiency.  It is our belief that working proactively assists clients in avoiding potential liability for employment related claims.


We provide sophisticated counselling in the full range of labour and employment matters representing a broad array of clients including banks, construction companies, financial institutions, resorts and other types of service firms.  We have navigated many clients through these issues in various types of mergers, acquisitions and restructures.




Due to evolving uniformity and enforcement of intellectual property laws, companies have grown to appreciate the need for protecting intellectual property rights against infringement.  This recognition has become a strategic advantage for businesses around the world.  Whether a global enterprise or an individual entrepreneur with an innovative idea, protecting and making productive use of intellectual property is an integral component of long-term business growth and success.  Companies appreciate now more than ever that patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are among their most valuable assets.  Due to the substantial investment in product development and growth of intellectual property assets, companies face greater threats of infringement necessitating the need for management strategies designed for maximum protection.




A client cannot expect to achieve their objectives in a dispute whether measured in terms of a favourable settlement, a successful dispositive application, prevailing at trial or winning an appeal unless the Attorneys are able to appropriately manage the matter.  A credible trial threat discourages frivolous litigation and unrealistic settlement demands. LB Legal Services have the depth of experience, knowledge, and resources to protect the interests of clients and navigate their conflicts whether conducting high stakes litigation, international arbitration, mediation, other settlement procedures or the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.


Each of our clients has individual business goals that require different approaches.  LB Legal Services multi-disciplinary approach helps businesses avoid or resolve disputes efficiently and effectively by creating alternatives to litigation.  Otherwise, our litigators tailor strategic and cost-effective approaches through careful case analysis of case issues and assessment of options at each stage of the litigation process.  We also counsel clients on the crafting of effective dispute resolution clauses to suit the specific circumstances of their business endeavours.




LB Legal Services provides clients with multi-disciplined legal solutions for their real estate and property development needs.  Our client base comprises a broad range of property developers, private owners, investors, lenders and real estate investment funds.  We counsel our clients on a variety of matters involving diverse forms of commercial, industrial, recreational and residential real estate transactions and litigation.  Whether real estate is a client’s business, a part of their investment portfolio or an asset to be managed, LB Legal Services is there to advise, guide and protect that interest. 


We are adept at advising clients so they are prepared to properly evaluate business opportunities versus risks based on experience garnered in the hospitality, resort and construction industries to the commercial, industrial, multi-use and residential transactions.  Our activities also include land development, subdivision and community development matters concerning various condominium projects, resort infrastructure developments, planned unit developments, and mixed-use projects.

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